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The mission and vision of this God-given ministry is to convey to people that “GOD IS THE ANSWER!” and that there is nothing too difficult for our Lord. Our vision is to make people realize the Power of Prayer and to edify the people of God, through prayer meetings, conventions, and by other means to seek God in their lives.


God’s calling for this ministry came on December 22, 1981 while brother was on his knees praying (along with his wife Mrs. Vimala Jayaprasad and his elder brothers Nathaniel and Prabhakaran) earnestly to God a couple of days after the demise of his beloved father Mr. Swaminathan.


On December 22, 1981 at 8.00 PM night God appeared to brother in a vision where he saw himself lifted up in the mid-air and Lord Jesus appearing and displaying to him all his sins he had committed so far in his life. Brother was with Lord Jesus Christ for half an hour in Spirit while his earthly body had been kneeling down and praying in his house. Immediately after the last image of his sin appeared, he saw Lord Jesus smiling and disappearing; this vision transformed him and metamorphosed him into new creation.


God reminded him to go and preach the Good news of Gospel to all nations, tongues, kindred, and people (Rev 5:9,7:9,11:9) and to East, West, North, and South (Psalms 107:3, Lk 13:29) with the promise of signs and wonders, and miracles as a VOICE OF GOD.