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  • Follow the first commandment that God gave to Joshua in 1:8 Read the Bible day and night and search its words on your own according to God’s command in Ish 32:18
  • Be a member in a Spirit-filled Church where members are born-again Respect your pastor and abide by his teachings, (ensure he is a Spirit-filled pastor)
  • Be regular to the Church every Sunday as Jesus Christ was (Lk 4:16) and St Paul was (Acts 17:2)
  • Regularly watch Christian programs and make careful note of the teachings of the servants of God
  • Strive to gain thorough knowledge about Baptism of Water (Jn 3:3) and Baptism of the Holy Spirit (Jn 3:5) which is a must in your spiritual life
  • Pray regularly at a personal dedicated time
  • Before prayer make it a point to praise and worship the God almighty in your own language with songs of worship
  • While praying, claim the promises by repeating the Word of God and quoting the verses. This will enable you to not only claim but also inherit the promises of God and help to retain the Word of God in your memory
  • Whenever you get time, fast and pray. Try to attend all fasting prayers and all-night prayers in your Church
  • Involve yourself in your Church in any ministry – Sunday school, carecell, welcome, praise and worship, ushering, etc.
  • Partake in the Holy Communion regularly in your Church. Do not miss it!


  • Do not attend any Church that is not Spirit-filled or whose pastor is not filled with the Holy Ghost
  • Do not try to attend various Churches at the same time and do not change your Church often
  • Do not get into any doctrinal arguments with others
  • Do not place too much importance on the prosperity messages and the new-fangled ideas of give and take policy in spiritual life
  • Do not try to argue with your pastors or elders of the Church when you have a spiritual doubt. Calmly and quietly ask the pastor for clarification
  • Do not speak ill of your pastor or of the members of your Church in the Church or outside of the it
  • Do not ever think that you know Bible better than your pastor or others in the church. It is good to have a sound knowledge of the Word of God but do not compare yourself with others