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We realize the presence of God in every work of nature and among men. The work of the Holy Spirit has always been a wonder to behold and its reality is comprehended by results of His work."The reality of the Spirit is an unutterable experience." Virtuous lives of devout men and women are the result of His work.

The work of Holy Spirit signifies a great reality. The fundamental need of every believer is to know the nature of Spirit and its working among men. This is essential for the conception of the idea of God being the Spirit.

God works according to His will and according to the Law of the Spirit. Exploring some of the importance, need, and work of the Spirit, in series, will help us understand His influence in our lives.

Why Holy Spirit is important?

The significance oftheHoly Spirit is observed in its inseverable nature, from the human spirit. God's action in man concerning the kingdom of God is through the Holy Spirit alone. This Divine Personality influences our thoughts and opinions which define our convictions and beliefs. The Holy Spirit is important because:

It is the Final dispensation of Salvation/Eternal Life: God used the lineage of Adam followed by the race of Abraham, then through Law, to reveal Himself to save man from his fallen nature. At a certain appointed time God sent Jesus, Who revealed God to man through the Holy Spirit. As Jesus demonstrated, so do we find God in the Holy Spirit alone. For it is the Holy Spirit that convicts us of our sins and changes our view of God

We are Chosen: John 3:16 says God loved us. John 15:16 says, He has Chosen us first. Romans 8:15 talks about Spirit of adoption. It is only through that our relationship is established. God chose us. God has made us His own by selection. He has acted upon His promise of loving us by accepting us as His beloved. He picked us in spite of our sins, gave preference of Love over His judgment over our sins.

God knows us: It is more efficacious for God to know us than for us to know about God. For God knowing us is the recognition of an existence of relationship with Him. This relationship is acknowledgment when we are made worthy to receive the indwelling of His Spirit. 1Jn 3:24And he that keepeth his commandments dwelleth in Him, and He in him. And hereby we know that He abideth in us, by the Spirit which He hath given us.