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The Rev. Andrew Arulappan M.A., an alumni of C.M.S.High School and College, Triunelvellli, the then First Indian Principal of Arcot Theological Seminary, Vellore, Tamil Examiner of Serampur Theological College, an eminent interpreter of great men of God like Dr. Stanly Jones, Dr. Hodge, and Dr. E. A. Annet. His knowledge of the Bible was proverbial. He could effortlessly locate and produce verbatim, relevant words and passages from the Bible. During the days of his pastoral service in CSI, Vellore, men of God would often say that even the entire Bible were to disappear, we could rewrite it with the memory and help of Rev. A. Arulappan. He was a remarkable Man of God. One of his sons was Mr. Joseph Swaminathen, a retired State Bank Official. Mr. Joseph Swaminathen has three sons, Mr. Jayakumar Nathaniel, Mr. Andrew Samuel Prabhakaran, and Mr. S. Jaya Prasad. He is also the cousin of Rev. A. Samuel, the First Indian Principal of Union Theological Seminary, Pasumalai, Madurai. His mother was Mrs. Mercy Swaminathen. Through his maternal relation, he is the great grandson of Mr. Arulanandham of Trinelvelli, the author of five Tamil songs in the CSI hymnals. (To be typed in Tamil) Salemin Raja Sangaien Raja (72), Aveyai mazhai pole uutrum(116), Aveyai arulzhu mei swami (117), Etrruk kondarulum me deva (241), and Vedha puthagame vedha puthaga me (245).

Bro. S. Jaya Prasad is married to Ms.Vimala Veronica, the third daughter of Mr. Moses Thumado and Mrs. Mary Thumado of Kotagiri, the great granddaughter of Rev. Jacob, the First Indian Pastor of the CSI Church in Kotagiri. Their wedding was fixed on the same day as that of wedding day of his grandfather, Rev. Arulappan i.e. 9 June.

Born on July 27, 1950, he grew up with Christian values at home but his life was as far away from the Lord as can be. But God being ever so gracious gave him a job as Sub Inspector in C.I.S.F. (Central Industrial Security Force). However, his uniform facilitated his further descent into the depths of sin.

Though happily married, his life was about to change when his beloved father went on to be with the Lord on December 19, 1980. The loss of his father made him reach for God. When God saw his broken heart, He graciously appeared to him in a vision to call him for His ministry and to instruct him to take His gospel to the nations. Bro. Jaya Prasad has been faithfully in the ministry of winning souls in obedience to the Voice of God since December 22, 1981.

He was later joined by his wife, and children son Moses Sanjeev and daughter Johanna Lavanya in the ministry. His son, after acquiring his post graduation degree (MBA), committed his life to follow the Lord, and joined the Life of Vision Ministries.

Due to the nature of Bro. Prasad’s Government duties, he had several opportunities to visit many places in India as well as abroad, thereby opening doors for God’s ministry in diverse geographic settings. One of the greatest blessings that God bestowed on him was to send him to Europe as a United Nation’s Police Officer during 2002-03. In this capacity he was exposed to many Muslims in countries like Albania, Serbia, Greece, Macedonia, even unto Illyricum where St. Paul had ministered ( Romans 15:19 from Jerusalem, and round about unto Illyricum, I have fully preached the gospel of Christ, Romans 15:19). God was faithful in fulfilling His promise of using brother among many people from different cultural backgrounds and beliefs.